Hydrogen Aeronautic Applications

equipped with fittings from STÖHR ARMATUREN

The industry today
When it comes to the use of valves in aerospace applications, you probably think of diminutive sizes used in flying equipment such as R&D launchers, satellites or rovers. Yet demand is far higher – and product size far bigger – when it comes to ground operations. Cryogenic valves are often used for launcher filling or rocket engine test benches. Typical media are oxygen and hydrogen at cryogenic or ambient temperatures, depending on the position along their supply line. Helium may also be used for purging, and nitrogen for additional fire protection, but both in comparably smaller quantities than the combustibles.

Green energy and future needs
The aeronautics industry was one of the first to use hydrogen as a propellant – thus contributing to the decarbonisation of the atmosphere – and the development of hydrogen-powered rocket engines continues, in combination with increasing loads.
Engine test benches are increasingly required where the storage of large quantities of gases must be distributed to lower the risk of explosion. Distributed storage necessitates large-scale piping networks designed to transport the media to the place of use. As rapid delivery is essential, valves with large nominal diameters, high operating pressures and high flow rates are essential.

Our mission
STÖHR is committed to having a positive impact on the environment and offers solutions for hydrogen-based transportation systems at all medium temperatures, valve sizes and pressure levels for both space-bound mobile applications and stationary use at rocket engine test benches or launcher filling stations. Get in touch to discuss your design concept and we’ll work with you to design, prototype and manufacture the fittings and installations you need for mass production. We’re open to your challenge!

  • Ground based infrastructure
  • Rocket engine test benches
  • Storage farms
  • Transport lines
  • Fuel filling for launchers
  • Mobile tank globe valves

Essential product features:

  • Shut-off valve for mobile vessels for acid, toxic or explosive media
  • Available with various end connections
  • Certified according to TPED (European regulation for safe road, rail and ship transport)
  • Medium temperature 233 K up to 338 K (-40° C up to +65 °C)
  • Max tank operating pressure 24 bar (348 psi)
  • Diameter DN 10 (3/8'')
  • Design pressure TP 36 bar (522 psi)

LOCKS mobile on-tank globe valve (OTV) with TPED certificate

Essential product features:

  • High pressure valve for operating pressure up to 900 bar
  • Cryogenic medium temperature type ranging from (2 K to 243 K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Ambient medium temperature type ranging from 243 K to 323 K (-30° C to +50° C)
  • Manual, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator
  • Straight body type
  • Low actuating forces due to balanced valve lift
  • High tightness at seat, even at high pressure levels
  • Installation in any mounting position
  • Nominal sizes: DN10 to DN40
  • Nominal pressure: PN360 / PN420 / PN550 / PN700 / PN900

BALANS series 7100 globe valve with pneumatic actuator

Essential product features:

  • Cryogenic globe or control valve
  • Crogenic medium temperature ranging from 2 K to 243 K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Ambient medium temperature ranging from 243 K to 323 K (-30° C to +50° C)
  • Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator
  • Straight or angle body type
  • High flow coefficient (KVS/CV value)
  • High control accuracy
  • Low heat input
  • Sniffer bore for monitoring the tightness of the bellow
  • De-gassing facility
  • Various control cones for different control characteristics available
  • Nominal sizes: DN2 to DN300
  • Nominal pressure: up to PN40 (standard)

Series 1600 cryogenic pneumatic globe valve

Series 1200 cryogenic globe valve with pneumatic actuator and manual override

  • Fittings for gases since 1938
  • Experienced in cryogenics since the 1960s
  • Quality system based on ISO 9001:2015
  • High product safety in operation
  • High product reliability, low maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • High leak tightness to the environment
  • Lowest heat loads to the medium
  • Highest pressure levels
  • Applicable at cryogenic, ambient and even hot medium temperatures
  • For all environmental and service conditions
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream applications

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